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535-95 Agri

  • Manufacturer: JCB
  • Model: 535-95 Agri

Productivity and Performance

  • 100hp (Agri) and 130hp (Agri Plus, Agri Super and Agri Xtra) JCB Dieselmax engines provide massive low-end torque for increased productivity.
  • Instant steering selection between all-wheel steer, front-wheel steer and crab-steer modes ensures ease of operation, whilst a tight turn radius of 3.7 metres gives greater manoeuvrability.
  • Forward reach of 6.5 metres, lift capacity 3.5 tonnes and lift height of 9.5 metres, all improve productive capability.
  • Agri Super and Agri Xtra have the new 6-speed Powershift transmission that has TorqueLock in 5th and 6th gears for optimum travel performance. Agri and Agri Plus feature a 4 speed Powershift transmission.
  • 6-speed TorqueLock transmission offers three main operating modes, Eco, Power and Field, which are selected to match the application.
  • Load sensing LSP+ hydraulics with maximum flow of 110l/min standard on the Agri and Agri Plus models. New closed centre load sensing piston pump hydraulics with a maximum flow of 140l/min with ‘dial-up’ constant-flow auxiliary feature is standard on Agri super and Agri Xtra models, but also optional on Agri plus models.


  • Among the many safety features, load hold check valves are fitted to boom and carriage hydraulic functions. A load moment indicator within the cab gives a progressive readout of the machine’s forward stability.
  • Neutral start ensures drive is disconnected before the engine can be started. Drive is also disconnected when hand brake is engaged.
  • All round visibility allowed by low boom line gives the operator greater confidence to move quickly and safely.
  • Audio and visual warnings give rapid driver feedback on engine and transmission status.

Reliability and Durability

  • Strong boom construction is a feature of JCB Loadalls. The JCB design spreads the stresses throughout the boom, eliminating fatigue and potential failure at the boom nose. Boom overlap between inner and outer sections is over a metre ensuring no boom distortion and avoiding potential failure.
  • With heavy-duty polyethylene replacing sheet metal on vulnerable bodywork, damage potential is minimised.
  • Easy access to radiator for cleaning.
  • Convenient service access for all daily maintenance checks.

Operator comfort

  • To enhance operator comfort and control, a seat-mounted servo joystick is now available, which is standard on the Agri Xtra models. Agri, Agri plus and Agri Super models feature a single lever joystick.
  • The spacious cab gives excellent comfort and minimal fatigue. Low instrument line and big roof window ensure superb forward and upward vision, ensuring that the operator can always clearly see the boom.
  • Large glass area and hub mounted fenders mean the operator can always clearly see the direction of the wheels.
  • Cab options include radio housing, roof blind, storage mouldings, power socket and air conditioning.
  • Luxury seating and styling enhance operator comfort even further.
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