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  • Manufacturer: JCB
  • Model: JZ140

Power / Performance

  • The JZ140 boasts the shortest tail swing around and a full-swing radius that’s one of the best in its class.
  • Isuzu engine and best-in-class drawbar pull, means the JZ140 is able to travel however poor the ground conditions.
  • Superb stability provides a higher lift capacity than you’d expect from a machine in its class.
  • Four selectable working modes link the operators control movements with the engine and hydraulic systems to maximise productivity and efficiency.
  • One-or-two-way flow can be automatically selected so it’s easier to switch attachments.

Comfort and Visibility

  • Zero tail swing and a rounded form significantly improve visibility.
  • Ergonomic design puts all controls within easy reach for effortless operation.
  • AMS monitor, seat and joysticks are easily adjusted to suit any operator.
  • Enhanced heating and air conditioning put climate control at your fingertips.
  • Both front screens slide easily overhead to avoid damage.

Reliability and Profit

  • Zero tail swing and a counter weight rubbing strip reduce risk of damage to the superstructure.
  • 1000-hour greasing interval on boom-base and boom-to-dipper pins reduces service costs.
  • Cushion control ensures smooth operation, reducing wear and tear.
  • Isuzu engine and AMS move more material for less fuel.
  • Single oil filter cuts down on service time and cost.

AMS Simple But Intelligent

  • The AMS controls all the machine’s major functions for maximum productivity and fuel efficiency. It also alerts you the instant there is a problem and records all the machine’s key operating data. It has four modes:
  • Auto Mode: Automatically adjusts the power, when you need it.
  • Economy Mode: Designed for maximum fuel efficiency in normal digging conditions.
  • Precision Mode: Gives you more control and accuracy for fine work and grading.
  • Lifting Mode: Maximum Power with controllability.
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