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  • Manufacturer: JCB
  • Model: JS330

Productivity and Performance

  • Advanced Management System (AMS) has four operating modes for optimum efficiency; Auto – automatically switches between economy and max power for outstanding efficiency and power when you need it, Economy – gives maximum fuel savings in light applications, Lifting – adjusts flow and pressure to give smooth and powerful lift performance, Precision – allows for smooth responsive grading performance.
  • Automatic Power boost facility provides an instant 10% increase in tear out performance.
  • The load sensing system maintains the power demand on the engine at a constant level for efficient running.
  • Flow on demand means output is proportional to lever movement for increased efficiency.

Reliable and Durable

  • Strong and durable X-frame undercarriage allows good ground clearance. Belly guards are fitted as standard to protect the hydraulic lines. Narrow long carriage option is available.
  • High quality hydraulic components ensure reliable performance.
  • 1.5 Micron Plexus filtration system lengthens the life of hydraulic components
  • Large diameter slew ring is strong and reliable.
  • Turbo charged and intercooled Isuzu engine provides powerful performance with renowned reliability.

Operator Environment

  • Modern styled cab features a two piece front window, separated by a clear strip, to maximise forward visibility. A large door allows easy access and the high roof adds to a spacious feeling.
  • Adjustable height and weight facilities on the deluxe suspension seat help minimise operator fatigue.
  • Easy to use short control levers have built-in controls for selecting low flow circuits.
  • Auto Idle cuts in automatically when machine is not actively in use for greater fuel efficiency. Engine speed only increases when the one touch button is intentionally pressed.
  • Climate control is standard to ensure optimum operator comfort. Vents positioned behind the operator and to the front screen ensure good ventilation.


  • The unique Plexus filtration system gives hydraulic filter change intervals of 1,000 hours and hydraulic oil change intervals of 5,000 hours. 500 hour engine oil and filter changes.
  • The self diagnostic system, with the computer self check facility, provides essential information for the service engineer.
  • Grouped pressure points are more convenient for testing. Thoughtful layout of hydraulic componentry simplifies service access.
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