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  • Manufacturer: JCB
  • Model: JS145

Long-Life Reliability

  • The JCB Plexus filter cleans the hydraulic oil down to 1.5 microns, dramatically cutting down on dirt and condensation in the system. The oil also goes 5,000 hours between changes; this is achieved by the combination of two large oil filters – one full flow, the second a fine by-pass filter.
  • The ’X’ frame type undercarriage is integrally welded for strength and durability, with excellent ground clearance. Underbelly guarding provides added protection for arduous sites.
  • AMS (Advanced Management System) enables rapid fault identification. A fall back-up system can be operator activated in the event of an electronic malfunction.
  • Class leading digging performance.
  • Class leading lift performance.
  • Class leading efficiency (tonnes per litre).
  • Overheat protection system.

Superb Comfort

  • Suspension seat as standard improves operator comfort and productivity.
  • The large glass area means excellent all round visibility; along with excellent ventilation via the large opening windows.
  • The ‘Cushion Control’ feature reduces shock to the operator as well as to the dipper and boom during excavator operations.
  • 6 fluid filled resilient mountings insulate against noise and vibration.
  • The standard large capacity heater and demister can be combined with optional air conditioning for total in-cab temperature control.

High Performance

  • The short tail swing and the big load-over height make it ideal for loading high-sided trucks in confined areas.
  • The Isuzu turbocharged clean burn engine meets current European and North American low emission requirements.
  • Automatic pre-heat glow plugs mean first-time starting whatever the climate. For hotter, dusty environments, a large open matrix radiator is fitted with fine mesh protection.
  • Auto mode allows an instant power boost and enables the machine to operate in the most efficient manner for the task it is performing.
  • Auto-shift instantly matches speed to ground conditions to prevent track stall for ease-of-use and enhanced site mobility.
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